StarterHash™ takes the guesswork out of choosing which Scrypt coin to mine and when to mine it. This revolutionary system puts everthing you need to make the most profitable mining decisions "right in your face". SmarterHash™ income estimates are based on actual coin values, network hash rates and blocks introduced into the block chain as it's happening.

SmarterHash™ shows all current real-time coin data PLUS the past 24 hour averages for value, network hash, difficulty, blocks and what you'll realistically earn over the next 24 hours. In addition SmarterHash™ shows you how much in BTC and $ each coin is producing daily in wealth. But SmarterHash™ doesn't stop there! You'll see your percentage of network hash, if block rates are increasing or decreasing, and block averages for the past 15, 30, 60 minutes and 3 hour intervals with trend indicators plus network hash trend indicators!

SmarterHash™ shows you which coins are 'popping' (blocks being generated at a higher rate than normal) and which coins are recovering from being 'smashed' (left with high difficulties or lower block times)..

SmarterHash™ gives realistic and accurate estimates based on real-time stats, not solely based on advertised coin specs used by other sites, where income estimates are incorrect over 90% of the time.

SmarterHash™ is NOT a Cloud Mining Service. You need your own miners or rent miners to mine coins on SmarterHash. SmarterHash is the best & most accurate place to get realistic mining income estimates for over 60 scrypt coins.

SmarterHash™ Mining Pools with Personal Mining Ports Mining ports your workers are pointed to permanently for all SmarterHash™ Pools, switch pools/coins in seconds through the SmarterHash™ control panel.

You'll never have to restart, re-configure or touch your miners). In just a few seconds, switch one, some or all of your workers to a new coin and get emailed confirmations that your machines are happily hashing away in the new pool and making you money!

Define your own Mining Strategies to automatically switch your workers to selected coins as hash-rates, difficulties, values and more change!